Sunday, August 2, 2009

Importance of a comman language

I was in Austria this summer and during this visit to Ikea, i got drawn by a couple who probably came down to buy something for their home. I was keen to know what was actually happening in that world as far as the deaf were concerned.I was conscious as i did not want to look at them and make them feel odd or make them feel conscious about their disability though I am sure they are used to being stared at. They were both signing away and looked totally unaware of what was happening around them.I asked my husband if we should go and "chat up ". He asked me how would you communicate and what will you say? I had no answer and with a heavy heart, moved ahead. I tried to find about what was happening around but as, like someone said they are a minority and people do not bother till it does not hit them.Looking at them and seeing them so oblivious of the world, I thanked God for sending Mrs. Alaka Hudlikar in my life and for the belief that I had in her that I would work and strive to make Prisha a part of the world by teaching her the language of the masses so that she is not cut off and is part of this bustling booming world of sounds.Today she talks in English and is picking up Hindi. She sings, dances, listens, reacts to sounds around her, talks to me in the dark,does not need an interpreter, talks to the people around her.This was possible as I saw examples in my speech therapy classes.Soon when Prisha is big and ready to conquer the world , she too would know 2 language like her parents and many more people like us and be ready to interact with other people like we do. I am sure the training we have got , she would pick up other languages if she decides to stay in some other parts of the world. Given a choice today and any day, i would not choose my life any other way.World over people have benefited through AVT.Then why as a mother of a hearing impaired child , I would not choose the one knows what is good for my child then me.Ask any mother any she would love to hear her child's endless chatter, non stop questions and I am no different.Had it not been for this , I too would have been deprived of her beautiful voice.I love the little songs that we make and little rhymes she picks from school.I have those moments when I break down thanking the Lord for giving me this happiness and would want it for every child and the parents to have it too.God bless every parent and their child and help them to make the right decision. Every parent has the right to know what is good or bad and decide what their next course of action would be.


  1. Hi Ruchi,
    Just happened to read your latest entry and I fully support your decision as a parent to chose what you think is right for your child. Moreover I am sure that one day Prisha would make you all very proud.
    I have been following up your blog for some time now and am sorry will not identify myself for some persnal reasons.
    I have seen your movies on you tube as well and strictly believe that all the children with special abilities in this world should have parents like you and a teacher like your Mrs. Hudlikar.
    keep it up and God bless you all.

  2. There is nothing better than hearing those little voices! Nolan often comes to me in the morning and tells me he "wants milk" or wants to "go outside." I can't wait until he sings songs!

  3. Beautiful post, Rouchi. While there are many happy, successful people who rely totally on sign language, they are typically very isolated from the hearing world, and that comes at a great cost. It's not what I wanted for my child. I'm glad that all of your hard work with Prisha is paying off.