Monday, July 27, 2009

Ent visit

I decided to take another opinion about Prisha's ear condition.He was recommended by my homeopath Dr Sunil Anand.I was so nervous about what he would say about his ear.The entire class at speech therapy was so ignored by me as I was preoccupied by my nervousness.Fortunately he turned out to be Mrs Hudlikar's recommended doctor and another kid in our class was treated by him too.He checked her ear and told me that the eardrum is ok and healed well and there was a leftover of a boil for which Prisha is being treated with homeopathy medicine.He said that the medication was working and that Prisha needs loads of vitamins and enough food to heal her.The doctor was very open about alternative medicines and really good for both of us.His cheerful ways got me at ease as for now. Though he has given me a green signal for her aid but I think I shall wait for her ear to be totally all right and the skin to heal.Another month after the last 6 months would not harm her without her left aid.I am at ease for a while now.
At the therapy session, Prisha performed well. She was attentive after my lecture last week. She was too distracted in the class last week.I have pulled up my socks and have started to correct her speech a lot and she is listening .My in laws too agreed that it is our firmness towards her speech that makes her speech better. I do not take any lax in her speech easy.I make her aware all the time when she says something wrong and thank God she is listening to me.
This weekend Prisha made 2 cellphones for herself with all waste material. What amazed me was she copied my cellphone to the last detail.She then decided to call her big brother on it and what a firing he got from her. I died laughing as she was copying me.Thank God he was not home or else there would have been fireworks at home! She yelled at him asking him to study and was being fired for not listening. She then was doing pretend play all day. She put it for charging, she looked for missed calls, listened to it ring, spoke to all our relatives and friends. Great speech practice as well as I loved the spontaneity of her speech.
Thanks Leah and Julia for your wishes, they seem to be working! I really hope she comes around and grows from strength to strength.

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  1. Talking on the cell phone is a great idea for working on listening! I am glad the new ENT was able to look at her ear and find that it is healing well.

    We are having "listening' problems with Nolan lately- he won't respond to us calling his name during therapy and keeps very focused on what he wants to focus on. We know his hearing levels are fine, so it is an attention thing. We do a lot of redirecting during therapy right now!!!