Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back after a break

Yes I was away for so long. My lil girl is coming around. Ihad the most difficult 3 weeks of my life as a mom.I was awake most of the 8 days trying to get her fever of 104 degrees C down, sponging her, trying to feed her , taking her to the toilet every 15 mins, consoling her while she shrieked with pain while passing urine.I slept for barely 3 hours in each 24 hrs and that too in breaks.Kept awake through 2 alarms, unending hours on the net to keep awake, gathering information on the net about her UTI. One morning when she screamed of pain on her left side and shivered with chills and fever of 104, I rushed her for a sonography to rule out kidney problem and was shocked to know she has kidney stones . It was shocking that her tiny body is dealing with ear infection, UTI and kidney stones.She would shout, kickaround as in high fever she was not herself.Later when the fever came down and I would be crying looking at her , she would say I was her brave girl and kissed me.She is so brave. We got her on high antibiotics and soon after finally 12 days of struggle we saw her coming around.3 weeks have been tough and my husband finally came down from Austria when i started to crack after 10 long days.Now she has joined school and is drinking lots of water, going to the toilet more often and eating better. i just want this long nightmare of over 6 months to get over.Tomatoes and spinach have disappeared from our dinner plates since then.Difficult for people who only eat tomatoes.Anyway anything for this angel.We are getting back to our routines but the regression in her speech is so evident.I worked hard today to get back her concentration and her speech clarity. Long road ahead but buck up girls!
Today did a good lesson on picture discription.Mrs. Hudlikar discribed a picture to perfection to the kids so that the kids could visualise it.Then she asked questions to see how they have understood and interpreted. After that she showed the picture to the kids.It was really ea different way of picture discription. Prisha had hardly listened to anything thanks to the distraction due to her illness.I was bugged to see how she had hardly paid attention to the discription which was easy.But when she was cross questioned later she related the picture to her own experience in Austria.It was a picture of a white kangaroo sitting on grass with her 2 babies.The other child also related it another experience.Prisha related it to the cows grazing on the grass and the other kid related the picture to 4 white rabbits in his neighbourhood. It was really exciting. Praying hard that my life goes back soon on tracks. Her left ear is still redc so no aids since feb this year. GOD help, I need my Prisha's ear alright, we both miss bilateral hearing.


  1. I'm so glad the fever broke and that she's starting to do better. I'm sending her healthy thoughts, and I'm sending you comforting ones! I hope you get a chance to rest up soon.

  2. thanks Julia, hoping to catch up on all my missed out blogs posts.Have not been able to read about what is happening in your life too.

  3. Oh my goodness! I have wondered how you have been getting on. Kidney stones! I haven't heard of that in a child before, the poor little one. I certainly hope they go and do not return. And I hope and pray that her ability to wear both aids returns shortly as well. You both deserve a vacation!