Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Just when Prisha seemed to get her ear boils out and I was heaving a sigh of relief , she started to complain of pain in her genitals. I got concerned when the pain got too severe and she started to scream at the thought of going to the toilet.I rushed to doctor Sunil Anand, and realised she had come down with some infection . I had surfed the net on sunday as the doc is away, and kept her on homeopathy. She sat in warm water and soda mixture to give relief. The trips to the bathroom are painful and she and I dread them.I am washing her with yogurt and loads of water to drink to drain out the infection. I am simply cracking under pressure.The ear pain has gone and I was so thrilled that finally things are ok. The time stands to stand still.The stomach pain on the left side too is my concern. Maybe she caught the infection from the not so clean toilet in the return flight to India from Zurich.Evey hour seems like a day and she looks so weak and tired.She rocks her self to ease the pain- a habit she has since she was a baby. She rocks herself to sleep.The jerk medicine given every 2 hours I think is working. Hope her pain is gone tomorrow.This year has not been too kind to her . Hope the doc is able to build up her immunity, as he promises.


  1. Cranberry juice is also good for UTI- the acidity in the juice helps fight the bacteria. I'd keep a close eye on the side pain- the kidneys sometimes can get infected with a bad bladder infection. I am sending all my good thoughts your way- my goodness you have had a year!

  2. Can you get cranberry juice where you live? That helps to clear out a UTI. Did the doctor say that it was definitely a UTI and not some other sort of infection? In any case, maybe she should be on antibiotics. I'm sorry she's in pain! I hope it clears up soon.

  3. Thanks Julia, cranberry juice is not available but we finally came out of it.