Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ear infection

This gave me some relief, as I am so worried about Prisha's ear infection. I am suspecting a burst eardrum. Hope its useful as information to parents of hearing impaired children.


  1. Hi,

    Must be pretty stressful having to watch your baby all the time for these ear infections.

    I happened to meet this doctor called OSWAL in NIBM the other day. He seems to have natural cures for many things which we resort to antibiotics, etc for ..for our kids. Sometimes alternative medicine does work. I know from personal experience when doctors world over gave up on my husband's talus injury and a simple old fashioned ayurvedic ( long drawn but effective) treatment worked.

    Take a look...maybe visit. I hope it helps. God bless!

  2. Thanks, she is on Dr. Sunil Anand 's homeopathy medicines. He has been my doc for the past 11 years.It is taking time ,and he is assuring me results. the boils did disappear in 3 days when he gives it. so this too should go.relying on this and prayers..thanks so much A.I.