Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good reading

Got this on my mailbox, would like to share.Also uploaded new videos of our speech therapy sessions on youtube [rouchi6].


  1. Prisha is so cute! Her speech is so perfect, too!

    I was going to ask you, what does Mrs. Hudlikar do with young children that keep taking their aids out? We have been dealing with this with Nolan for a full year now, and he's almost 2 and rips his aids out ALL the time! I am beyond frustrated and no one seems to know what to do to help him keep them in!

  2. Leah,Thanks for the compliment for Prisha.I hope I have been able to help regarding keeping the hearing aids on.Just try and keep the aids away when he rips them out and tell him he wouldn't get them as he does not want them.meanwhile all of you at home, enjoy talking to each other, some music,dancing to show how much fun you are having listening to sounds.The jealousy would want him asking for the aids and not taking them out.