Friday, June 26, 2009

Ear infection

Found this on the net while surfing for ear infection litrature. I am praying that her ear gets all right , it has been 5 months now.My lil girl is so brave, never complaining about her pains, but just keeping herself occupied with her little games. i feel blessed to have her as she gives me the strength to hold on and not loose it.The site gave me some relief.Leah's mail to made me hopeful that all would be ok.


  1. How is she doing? Have you had any resolution to the ear drainage? PE tubes stopped the ear problems for us, though it does take a small surgery (5 minutes in and out of the procedure room). Though he's still prone to fluid buildup when he gets a cold!

    Goodness, I hope this ends soon. It is always frustrating because every decibel counts!

  2. The fluid is not there at all. the inflammation has come down.There is a tear in the eardrum.I think the homeopathy is working well.She has no pain last 2 days.Her this ear has a loss of 105 db, and so it just supports the right ear.I think within a month she should be all right as the skin too in the outer ear is healing well.Dr. Sunil Anand has told me she would be fine. So Leah, I think we may not need any tube.Thanks for your support.