Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Budapest trip

Our 2 day Budapest trip came to an end and so are the trips around Austria.Another 10 days and we go back to the grind back in India.Budapest was a good place to see and these trips made Prisha get exposed to so much.She is so confident here in supermarkets, stores and in places of interest, back home I can't let her out of my sight even for a minute.The feeling of security here is immense as there is more discipline. Back home the traffic and timing of schools make her lost and there is less exposure even to language. In Budapest we strolled on the bank of the river at night and Prisha sat there and sang for us, her quaint little songs.She danced and needed to be clicked all the time.She gives me poses that make me laugh and people passing by would smile too.My husband was a bit irritated about her song and dance on the riverside but I was thrilled as she was doing it so naturally boosting her confidence and at the end of it is good way of listening to her on natural voice, giving her a chance to correct herself.She is not thrilled with walking and so she was promised a surprise if she walked and also rewarded with the "big girl" tag, which she now wants to be called. So she decided to walk all the way around the place telling me that she was a sweet girl like strawberry and not a sour girl. The smile that followed is enticing.
She loved the view from the top of the Gellert hill and got her poses clicked.We went to a hotel for a drink and she needed to go to the toilet. The lobby was big and I was trying to look for the WC sign. She just tugged me and said come there is the toilet.I was surprised as on out road trips she was the one who would quickly show me the toilets.I was thinking about it and realised since she cannot read just now she depends on the pictures. WC sign has been captured in her mind as a picture and so she finds it more quickly while I am still trying to figure out the script of German.
In the supermarket she loves to pick up her yogurts and chocolates of her choice and even helps with weighing the fruits and vegs. So it is fun. I hope this spontaneity remains once we are back and is not lost in the hustle and bustle.her ear has another big boil near the ear lobe waiting to burst. She is so patient with the pain and tells me that once it bursts I should clean it. I am amazed at her strength.I just hope with medicines I am giving her things are alright soon.I am concerned also as our dear old DR. Sunil Anand , the homeopath, is shifting abroad.We wish him well as thanks to his treatment last 10 years had been good for myself, my son's wheezing and my mother in law's health issues after her cancer treatment, but somewhere inside we don't want him to go.He is the only hope for Prisha right now.Tomorrow we plan to take the kids to Klagenfurt where there is a miniworld. I would love to see prisha get inspired to make her mini world from waste.

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