Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A nice summary

Like to share with moms of HI kids.


  1. Oh, yes. We have had an eardrum perforation with Nolan. Back in December of 2008, if you search the blog archives. We didn't know there was a problem until there was blood and pus coming from the ear. He has pressure equalization (PE) tubes in his ears, and one had gotten clogged. It dropped his hearing level down to 80dB with the chronic fluid levels. Unfortunately for Nolan, lots of fluid in the ears seems to be a real problem for him. The PE tubes were a quick procedure and let all the fluid drain out. They replaced them in December and his ears have been good since then.

    It is so frustrating (and scary) when there is middle ear problems. It really affects their hearing!

  2. does it get all right? Does the ear become all right and the hearing is ok? I am really nervous about this.After reading your blog I was a bit relieved and thought of asking you.Has the hearing become allright?She has 105 db loss in this ear already.

  3. Nolan's ears returned to his level of normal, though his right ear is still slightly worse than his left. He went from a rising slope (at the time, a 50dB rising to 40dB) to a flat 80dB loss when the eardrum burst. We had the ENT follow up, and the hole healed and his hearing went back to a 55dB rising to 40dB loss. It has gotten a tad worse since then, but so has the left so I don't think it is because of the perforation. I would definitely make sure there is a doctor on top of it, though, to watch and make sure the eardrum heals (some holes can take a while to heal, so it is good to monitor).