Friday, May 28, 2010

Revision of Maths

Today my father in law called in to remind me that since the kids were away from school , Prisha could actually try and do her maths and spellings.I too have become laid back a bit as there are a lot of uncertainties in our lives. Loads of decisions to be made and so somewhere she takes a back seat.So I pulled up my socks and decided to give her a bit of maths.Her additions were 10/10 and subtraction needed one sum coaching and there too10/10! we were thrilled as i have not touched these for over a year now.Then the tables! well there she had forgotten the 2 & 3tables.So now we are making her do her 2 times table which she picked up in a few minutes.She too loves rattling them.I feel it is a great speech practice too.
These days she is a lot into mothering.Our house owners here have a 1.5 yr old daughter and Prisha loves mothering her and her little baby dolls.She loves doing "nase putzen" which is nose cleaning as she has a slight cold.She is enjoying dressing her and making sure she is well looked after.Anna too is a smart kid and tells her mum that she is not a baby and Prisha is finding it hard to accept.So the next best compromise is to look after the little baby dolls and so she is wanting a whole new baby set with a pram and crib and stuff.She did see one in the supermarket yesterday but I wanted her to have a really nice one.She is literally whining to be a mommy.She talks with so much shine in her eyes about which baby she would buy and what she would do, with that lil dimple appearing on her left cheek.I do get teary eyes looking at her eyes full of hope and waiting for the big time when she would really buy a baby. So scheduled for this weekend along with our home making shopping of sofas and house hold stuff.
It is funny to hear both Anna and Prisha talk and both trying to understand each other.Anna speaks broken German sentences and Prisha adds her English and Hindi together. But they are doing a good job. Prisha's is picking up a few new German words and I tell her the meaning and she is trying to remember them. I would like her to learn it in school too and let us see how far she goes in it.


  1. I can't imagine how busy you are! Prisha is a very smart girl to remember her arithmetic from a year ago- she has a great memory!

    Prisha can come and take care of Nolan whenever she would like- even though he's not quite a "baby," either. Perhaps she could play AVT with him, lol!

    The playground looks very nice- I bet Prisha will start picking up some German words in no time. Kids are amazing with their ability to adapt!

  2. O would love that, coming over to meet you. Lets hope we do one day.I agree, the kids have a lot more ability, only we need to work on it.

  3. thats wonderful..looks like prisha is having a great time.You sound hurried and stressed..
    happy settling down sure it will all flow smoothly

  4. HI RUCHI!!! I am seema. Its great reading your posts.In one of the sessions alka tai asked hrithik why does it rain in june july august. she showed the map of india and said before june in march april and may the sun shines very hot on the arabian sea then the water evaporates into clouds. And due to this process it rains in june july august.And alka tai concluded saying that children should ask questions like :why there different time in different countries? why do people migrate? why days and nights occur? etc. BYE GOOD NIGHT. TAKE CARE.......... LUV U.