Monday, May 17, 2010

Status Update

Yes I have been away for a really long time from something I really love doing-blogging and uploading movies on the subject of hearing impairment.These 3 months nearly flew by as I am in th process of shifting and having changes in my life which did take a toll on my mental frame too.I have not been able to visit blogs and need to catch up on my favorite blogs.
My husband decided it was time for us to shift in with him to Germany.So the whole process started of applying for the change and getting our papers ready(it can be so tedious). Another big job I took was to start learning the language! I saw it as a chance to learn a language as well.I enrolled into private tuitions as the Max Muller was full. As the time was short , I had to really have to study hard and studied like 4-5 hrs a day apart from the tuitions that I attended with a teacher who put in her best to accommodate 24 classes into 12 classes, which meant hard work for me.At the moments where i was pressed by time and the lessons sometimes went over my head specially with the grammar, I would have cold sweat and would wonder why in the world I decided to get into it.Fortunately the hard work paid off and I made my teacher proud with great scores achieved in half the time.So now I am more comfortable in Germany with the language and hope to acquire more hands on.But one thing I learnt from this, how difficult it is to learn a language. i could identify with the deaf kids and could feel that due to lack of mouth muscles, they become lazy and as the years roll by, they find it difficult to pick up the language.As my mouth was not used to moving according to the German lingo, I found it extremely tiring and painful to talk the language. Though my teacher would insist on talking in German, at the smallest opportunity I would actually avoid and speak in English.So is with the deaf, as signs are easier, given a chance the deaf kids prefer to use signs as against spoken as it is less tiring. The process of remembering the words, the order, the grammar the intonation and the nuances of the language can actually be like a burden and the we find easier ways of getting out of it. I really feel learning a new language was a great insight for me to understand how challenging it is for the deaf to speak. There were times that I would be answering a question , trying to figure out the grammar, the order etc, and I would not hear what I was speaking as my total focus was on getting the statement right.In the process i never knew what I said and could not repeat if required. My teacher would keep reminding to listen to what I was saying and I remembered how i used to force Prisha to listen to what she is saying so that she could correct herself.That is how a normal child learns to correct and speak. They are not conscious about speech and as they grow older they listen to what they are saying and correct themselves.THEY LISTEN TO THEIR OWN VOICES!
I am now in Germany after a last minute gaenac surgery too done in India with no time for recupperating. Settling down with a new home to shift in next week, furniture to buy, furnishing the new place, schools to still confirm admissions, new environment, phew, it is a whole new life!Somewhere this is taking a toll on my mental stability as you are having to make too many decisions and too much stress.Prisha's speech too has taken a back seat somewhere as I am dealing with my own mental and physical makeup.I need to pull up my socks and make sure that in the next 2 months I should homeschool my girl and fill her up with all that has gone by and do more more more.Hoping to have a very nice stay in Germany where my kids' education is taken care of and Prisha has more chances of learning more. My biggest challenge of leaving India was leaving my BIGGEST support, motivation and help- my speech therapist Mrs Alaka Hudlikar.We have become very close in these 5 years and she is more of my mother to me. We have promised regular calls and inputs would be there regularly but things are not the same when you do not attend hourly classes twice a week. She has been a life changing experience for me and there is not a day , not a moment when I do not miss her. She will always be my guiding light wherever I am.Thank you Alaka Ma'am for being a part of my life.


  1. Welcome back to blogging, and it sounds like it's been a real whirlwind for you! I can't imagine learning a whole new language and moving to a new country in such a short time. Congratulations on all the hard work. Remember to take some time for yourself here and there -- it's hard to be a strong mother if your own inner resources are running dry.

  2. thx julia and yes the suggestion taken.I have lesser stress here but major decisions to be taken.was missing my blogoer mates too and could hardly log on due to the changes. I am happy to be a bit more active and hope to be doing more from July once I am settled.

  3. My goodness, you have had a busy few months! I hope things slow down for you soon!

    The only foreign country we ever moved to was Ireland, and that doesn't really count since the primary language is English there. We did travel to France, though, and I remember trying to converse in French (I speak Spanish decently, but not French)! It was definitely interesting, and I was so relieved when anyone knew how to speak English. It can be tiring to attempt to converse in a new language!

    I am sure you miss Mrs. Alaka Hudlikar very much. I hope you find new resources in Germany!

  4. Thx Leah,Yes there were those very tiring moments and next 2 months are going to be the same as I have lots lined up.But I have learnt to live by the day and know that somebody up there has plans for me.I too hope i find resources in Germany and I am sure things will be positive with all the wishes from all I know.thx again for the mail the other day you put in on my blog as it motivated me to drop a line again on the blog.

  5. Hi Rouchi,

    I am glad you have finished learning new language . It was very nice talking to you when you were in pune. I above the new videos you have on youtube.


  6. Yes its nice to know a new language specially is you are going to live in that place.I hope the videos are helping you. I have more videos , i just have yo work on them , will do them once i am settled.You can continue to write in on matters you need help.