Friday, December 24, 2010

FM system not needed

'H' is the tube to be changed
    Today we were at "Geers" to get her hearing aids tuned more finely but sadly Mrs.Wiesel was unwell and another audiologist was there to help us with issues.We were told that there could be some water deposit in the filters of the HA.These filters are present in the transparent tube in front of the BTE.This happens specially in the winters with the difference of temperatures in and outside the house.The snow and moisture in the air can clog the filters and despite keeping the aids every night in the de-humidifier.It does not dry up as much and we need to unscrew the transparent tube and replace with a new one every few weeks.We did that and Prisha could make out the difference instantly.It was decided that we shall see for a few days and if we still feel Prisha needs more amplification, we shall do so when Mrs.W is back as she is a specialist with kids in absence of Mrs.Z and knows Prisha's case well.So we shall watch.
    Another thing that thrilled us was a small incident while the audiologist was putting Prisha's HA back into her ears.While she was doing this my husband was talking to her from near her and I was across the room and I started to question her and Prisha was responding to me.She answered everything well and the audiologist was beaming with joy behind.I looked puzzled.She said that Prisha was so well conditioned auditorily that she did not need even an FM system!!I was surprised.She said that Prisha was hearing very well at 20db and also her training over the years have made her respond to sounds very well and she felt except maybe at supermarkets or at celebrations or at other public places where she might need access to direct sounds from us, she did not need FM at all.She added that in Germany, she would not find such a conditioned child at all ! The parents would work here for about 4-5 months but after a while let it go.Our 6 years of dedicated work with her, where focus was on listening, it finally paid off.I am happy for Prisha but yes, our work needs to continue as we have to make up for lost learning due to her under amplification. I am so thankful to Mrs.Hudlikar.Its thanks to her that we are seeing all these positive feedbacks in our lives.Prisha leads a near normal life.

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  1. So good to hear this :) ive learnt over the year that too many gadgets only makes ones lifecomplex :)She will do great without the fm