Thursday, December 30, 2010

Update on Naida IX

       Since we got the new Naida IX, we have been noticing all the changes in her hearing and all things around it.I was back from India after a week and had just got the new aids before leaving.Once back home I realized Prisha was talking loudly again and was asking me things again or "not listening well".So we did go last week and had got filters changed but still this week, I felt she was listening as well as when she had got Naida III.We went back, got her new mold for the left ear and then decided to do her puretone audiogram.While the test was being done, I was a bit taken aback as she was not responding to many tones.My heart just started to sink.After the test the result was not too good.She was hearing at 35db when earlier she was at 20db!!Mrs.W was surprised too.She asked if Prisha's earlier tests were done at about the same time, but those were after school when she was really tired.And these days she has holidays.So that was ruled out.then she thought it could be back ground sound suppression.In India, our audiologist had switched that off and over the years Prisha had learnt to distinguish on her own the various sounds and had learnt to pay attention to voices even with amplification of only 60db.So mayb, just maybe, with Naida IX she is not able to hear better with suppression.So she switched of that.But still no effect and so she has now amplified by about 15 db for her to hear better and we are finding that we now have to talk softer and Prisha too is softer.So we observe next one week and next Friday we shall go again and see what changes need to be made.We have to still find out why was she hearing better with Naida III.Is it because Ix has more channels and so the tuning makes the peaks and gains flatter?We would find out answers to our questions soon.We trust the company a lot and am sure they would make sure Prisha gets the best help possible.

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  1. hi
    read your new blog entry and tried to leave a comment but could not..didnt load i think

    give it time with the naida can happen with too many channels as it did for me with excelia art.

    am sure it will work out for her

    does weather play a role as well in her hearing clarity/loudnes/softeness etc
    are her ears okay?