Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Math workshop

Prisha has been so excited last 2 days as parents were invited to the class for a math work shop.She told me we were going to play math games and was really wondering what to expect as math study in India ,what I grew up on, never had us playing games.So this morning Prisha gave me instructions on how it would all be and since there were few chairs in the class room, the kids needed to sit on the mothers' laps to play the games.
      In the class we had a sheet where the types of games were written and we needed to tick them once done.The warm up started where the teacher showed us combinations of 10 on the board for 3 secs and we had to draw them the same way on the slate.It was to help them add visually more mentally ,I realized.She got me a box of buttons with 2 sheets and told me I needed to sort them out according to the rule.So if I chose black buttons with four holes, I needed to choose buttons which had any of those criteria, ie, either they should be black or round or have 4 holes, the rest could go on the sheet which were for not the rule.Interesting!Then came the shapes which had various shapes in all colors and we needed to sort them on the same lines.She then got me cards, where we needed to play fish.She said we needed to make the additions to 10 and used various combinations with cards and drew cards from the pack.Then came little square cards with dots.We needed to use various combination cards to come to additions required on the sheet eg,
o o + o o o + o o o o +o = 10
We then had computer game and she showed me a quilt game and additions.I loved the way they are being taught to add and subtract.In our times, it was more rote method.No wonder she loves math.All in all I learnt a new system and would hopefully be able to learn along the way more about the PYP curriculum.
        On another note, I got a call from India .Had received 2 missed call in the morning at 5 but since I did not know the number, let it go.It was Simran who we had helped over the phone calls.She had called me when she found about her daughter's deafness at age 2.5 yrs.Over the next 8 months we helped her over phone calls, blog and the youtube lessons.Her daughter started to come around and within 8 months she had had her daughter sing the Indian National Anthem over the phone to me.We were very happy that given the right advise well,we did mange to help her even without meeting her.Educate a mother, you mange to set the success for the child.She was worried about her daughter having less hearing since a couple of days.I asked her if she was down with a cold which she confirmed and then put her mind at rest that the additional loss was temporary and would get back once the cold is out.She was happy to be in touch again and now would be more regular with me.So it would be great to see how despite the distance, we still mange to get her and her girl on the right path and make sure her daughter speaks.Efforts are on and we hope for success.welcome back Simran!

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