Sunday, March 27, 2011


wanted this bear

I want to be the chocolate princess.

MY goody bag!
Prisha was gifted a diary on her birthday to maintain, where she writes her thoughts and actions and things she wants to talk about.I am glad she is maintaining it really well, except some days when I have to give her a small reminder.
This morning she showed me what she has written in her diary about her visit to to chocolate museum in Koln.She loved it and wrote a lot of things in it.I was reading and I hugged it and said I would like to keep it with me.To which she promptly replied,"when I get married, I will give it to you and go.You can read it when you miss me and see what I used to write". I just hugged her tight and laughed.This fascination for marriage after her cousin's wedding is so obvious.I am also a bit emotional about this aspect.My little girl is slowly growing and in a few years she should be independent enough to lead her own life.But before that we have a long way to go with her .
She is having problems with back ground sounds.They are so loud that she cannot hear us when we are in a noisy environment.In the car, if vacuum is on or like yesterday in the museum, she found it too disturbing.need to check on this.We have not done sound suppression as it would definitely suppress some frequencies in speech too.We have thought of another technique and would discuss with our audiologist.meanwhile, we have requested the audiologist to call a technician from Phonak , if possible, to see why is Naida IX not working out.That aid had clarity but was not loud enough.We had amplified some frequencies to the maximum.Need to get some more answers.Something is bothering me and am not comfortable with that.I think we need some more tuning to get her to hear better still.I hope my instinct is correct and we help my little girl.Fortunately Geers is very supportive and we hope to zero in on to the problem.

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  1. I received a mail from a mother, I thought I should share it.

    Hi Ruchi
    > This is Shweta.I have been following your blog about your daughter
    > Priesha for a couple of months.I must say you are an achiever.
    > So an introduction about me..
    > I ve been blessed with two adorable daughters
    > Alankrita(6)&Anoushka(2).My older girl has been diagnosed with
    > sensorineural hearing loss (mild to moderate) 4 months back.It was so
    > overwhelmimg and believe me it still is.She has been fitted with HA's
    > one week back.and Today is her first day to school with hearing aids.I
    > am so concerned how she is going to take it,how is everybody else
    > going to react and i m being very sentimental about my liitle
    > girl.Your blog has helped me tremendously.Hats off to you!! and Hats
    > off to your daughter!!
    > Actually we dont know since when she is having this hearing loss as
    > she has good speech.We live in States(California)..and planning to go
    > back to India next year(Bangalore).I would really appreciate if you
    > could me give me some idea about audiology ,Hearing aids &FM systems
    > availability in India.
    > It feels so great to read ur blog and and every milestone you and
    > Prisha achieve brought tears to my eyes.
    > Knowing all this about my daughter was most difficult thing that i ve
    > ever faced.But the experiences of moms like u have made me understand
    > it's difficult but not impossible .I want to raise my daughter with
    > confidence.And you're the biggest example of that in front of me!!
    > luv n hugs
    > Shweta