Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bumpy head

   This morning was pretty eventful as I had to meet Prisha's teacher to talk about her fall y'day in PE. While jumping over a rope, she feel backwards and landed on her back and wrist. She came home sore and complained about her pain in her head. We thought she was just tired after a long day and also a little sore from her fall. She slept through most evening and complained about her head hurting and her wrists were a bit sore too. We gave her pain killers and promised to speak with the teacher. She said he told her to get going even after the fall while she cried. She had bumped her head a few days ago when she fell of her chair. It hurt for a few days and combing her hair wasn't easy.
     This morning when I met the teachers they said they gave her time to rest while Prisha denied. Don't know what was happening. I told the teacher that Prisha was hearing impaired and it was not easy for her to do a few things. He complained that there were times she turned around when he talked. I told him that there were times she couldn't understand what he spoke as the gym was an open area and the voice gets dispersed. And she had issues with doing all the jumps etc as there was not much available in India and so she wasn't used to it and in the last one year has made some progress with gym. Her concentration on keeping herself safe is so high that she is clumsy on the runs, jumps etc in gym. I am sure the hearing loss also plays its role in her lack of doing good in this area. He would soon meet me up to understand Prisha's needs.
    The nurse was also surprised that she wasn't informed of Prisha's falls. She looked and her neck at the back seems swollen and her right hand hurts when raised. The PE teacher was told that when kids fall, the nurse should be informed. Poor Prisha is pretty stressed about being in PE period, hopefully the issues would be soon sorted and Prisha would be happier at PE with her needs taken care of.


  1. The gym is a horrible place for hearing - I know that is going to be a challenge next year for us, too. I hope Prisha finds some joy in PE class, and I hope the gym teacher learns to understand how difficult it is to hear in that sort of environment. I hope Prisha gains confidence and is able to do some running and other games soon!

  2. Thanks Leah, am going to work on settling her there soon.