Monday, January 30, 2012

Deaf blind

       Mrs. Hudlikar has a big challenge and yes she isn't giving up. The kind she is, she wouldn't and she would do everything possible in her right to do the best she can for the children.
      She has a case of a deaf blind child who came to her when he was nearly 3 yrs old. The parents were too hassled and running around trying to look for solutions for his blindness and didn't give much thought to his deafness as much. The parents came to her and she got the child 1st thing fitted with adequate hearing aids. The child had this sense of feeling 1st time besides just touch. Not being able to see and hear, he relied totally on touch. And now it was a new journey of his life through hearing. Something to start a communication going.
       The parents saw the difference her speech therapy and the hearing aids were making. The child has started to pay attention to sounds. Its now 8 months into therapy with her and the child has started to speak a bit too! I had goose bumps and tears just listening to the story and could feel a bit of what his parents must be feeling too. He pays attention to hearing sounds and the mother very proudly came and told ma'am that in the afternoon the little boy hears the ice-cream man's bell on the street and goes running to buy one ! It was so beautiful to hear it. Now they are all focusing on mobility training and braille for the little boy. There are going to be huge challenges.The parents have to be strong. For the child , as he is born with it, is nothing new.But over the years he would know what he is missing. There are a lot of issues that would need to be worked on too.
       Right now I would be glad if any of my fellow bloggers could be kind enough to give me links on what can be best manged for his integration in the form of education, emotional and physical support and anything that could help this child to grow as independently as possible. India is not easy as far as any disability is concerned. Any input, blog links etc would be of great help. Thanking you all for visiting and look forward to inputs for this child.


  1. I used to have some links to that sort of information - I'll look them up and post them to you, Rouchi. I do know that a lot of kids use experience books, particularly for language that is hard to acquire. For instance, knowing hte words for soap and towel and that sort of thing, because hearing aids are often off at bathtime, and for a child who can't see, it is even harder to learn. I know parents will cut a small piece of terry cloth and put it in the book so the child can feel the towel and then hear the word "towel" at the same time... sort of a "touch and feel" book with lots of language in it. I'll find some things and post them in the comments.

  2. Thanks Leah, that would be wonderful and your idea is great too. Will convey to Ma'am.Thanks a ton, hugs....

  3. Hi Rouchi - here is a link on the subject.

    They have videos, too, on how to do it.

  4. Thanks a ton Leah, God bless you !!!