Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New year new hopes!

New year and new ambitions. We moved into 2016 with new will and power to face the challenges life would throw at us. She is turning 12 soon and her enthusiasm to learn and work towards betterment is something I learn from each day. Always enthusiastic and easy to please , despite her challenges she is easy to pep up. Her typical one liners make my day special. Hoping and praying that she teaches me new things that I can share with the world and help more deaf kids and parents. We have a lot lined up this year. Looking forward to my first talk at a school here where I shall share my tips and experience in AVT with parents who follow this therapy. I hope to contribute more to the society with humility and love for my two angels. I do these "free" .... Just so few who question my intentions know that it's purely out of love and gratitude for the deaf. Good luck for the new year to all who follow this blog and liked my page! I am grateful to each one of you for liking and helping me spread the message.

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