Saturday, January 23, 2016

New opportunity

An opportunity to share my experience and tips and tricks that make Prisha what she is. Can't wait to start my year with one such opportunity. Meeting kids and parents of the deaf kids who are integrated into a normal school. Most I heard are cochlear implanted. Will Prisha stand up at par with them? Will I have a second opinion about sticking by hearing aids? Will I be able to do justice to my learning from my guru? Will I still hold up my guru Mrs. Alaka Hudlikar's name ahead of all others who learnt AVT? Will I do justice to her work ? Will I stand up there and speak as confidently ? Heart beats but I know it always does and will always but then I push my limits and move from my comfort zone coz only then will I truly say I walk the path my mentor showed me. I know my mentor my ma's blessings will show me the way and I will walk that path come what may. More soon!

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