Friday, October 28, 2016

Why is my child not developing speech despite speech therapy?

We wonder why the child isn't responding or starting to speak despite hearing aids and " speech therapy". The answer is easy but needs detailing. 
-Are the hearing aids programmed well.... up to required frequency loss?
-Does the aided audiogram fall into the speech banana or max-ed to it? 
-has the child been conditioned well?
-how is the child's speech perception?
-Is the child motivated enough to do the testing and play along?
-what kind of speech therapist you have and what's the method?
-how many hours a week and is it exciting enough for the child?
-does the the therapist involve the parents?
-is the parent guided so that speech therapy follows at home?
-does the parent take the speech therapy cues forward and invent new ways to implement in their life situations?
-is the parent customizing for their own needs. 
-how is the parent motivating the child to get speech and take it forward?
-what is the standard that parent has set and what are they doing about it?
-what are long , short and mid term goals?
-how does the parent involve all family and friends around them to give more input to the child?
-how does the parent grab at the opportunity the child gives every moment? Opportunity lost never comes back. 
-how much language input is being given to the child?
-is the language learning atmosphere conducive for the child to want to learn and reproduce?
-to what extent parent would work to get the right intonation, full sentences, correct no of syllables,right context, recall, connect, design, correct speech, etc. 
-the balance of teaching, fun, positive pressure, need for the child to be vocal, is it being maintained? 
-If the child isn't cooperating, is the parent pushing the edges or just giving in?Most kids would like it easy and many parents want an easy way out....(trust me I have had a few)
-How much do you push your limit as a parent or care giver?
-What do you do as a parent to encourage and motivate the child to give the best?
-How much is enough for you? Do you accept the ordinary or have your expectations up? 
-How much is the child corrected? Or, you do you have the "Oh at least we can understand" attitude?
-Is it only speech correction or other do you expect everything normal kids do? 
-Are you handicapping the child further by protecting him/her, predicting his speech and thoughts instead of him/her saying it?
-Are you motivated enough to want more for your child and let him/her be a part of the hearing world such that she/he doesn't need any interpreter, helper to speak for him/her?
-What are your goals for yourself which involve the child?
-What are you doing for yourself so that you can not frustrate and bore out from "speech therapy"?
     I think these are the questions that come to my mind when it comes to why a child would or would not develop speech. Our support system has to be strong and focus very clear. Only then can we expect great speech and integration of the deaf child who is expected to be a part of the hearing world or is aural oral.Whether we choose cochlear implant or hearing aids, a good speech therapy is required with a lot of input, correction, recall, connections and constant effort. 


  1. Wow, reading this in writing and not just thinking about it makes me realise just how amazing this journey is! I often ask myself, "am I setting my child up for failure due to my our limited expectations and understanding?"

  2. Thank you for writing in. Appreciate such an honest feeling. I am sure as parents we try our best. Good luck.