Tuesday, November 1, 2016

One more mum

So she was looking for help online for her 19 month old little girl who was diagnosed as deaf two months ago. Blaming herself and dying of guilt of what she did wrong and why her yet not giving up on the dream that her little girl would talk some day. Sad and miserable she typed again one more time today on Instagram. #hearingloss....and today it opened up my account! For her it was a glimmer of hope. She started to go through rigorously. Typing out a comment on my video of my little girl which gave her hope for her daughter. Soon she was seeking help. Sent me message and we exchanged numbers. The picture above was her display pic. So true.... God does have a miracle when he steps in. 
She speaks broken English and I have no Bahasa. Yet I called her and soon after tons of Ques, she asks me.... "will my girl talk like yours" And they say give sign language! When  all the mothers want is to hear their kids speak. Her loss is 70 db and 90 and they ask her to implant. She doesn't want to meet few speech therapists as they push for cochlear implant! 
Her excitement I hear in her voice. We live in the same city and we talked in halting English to see how little K can be helped. A motivated mum can do anything. And I see she is already trying. I hope to help her. I feel a sense of fulfillment. These videos I post not for anything else but in just that hope that there would be a mum just like this .... typing desperately , seeking answers for her deaf child and she would see them and come alive. Another child who could be wronged shall find the ears and a wonderful world of sounds.....one more time! Let's see what's in store for her and how this journey begins and if the mum shall be motivated enough to walk this path one more time. Watch this space for more! 

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