Saturday, November 19, 2016

What are possible reasons for delay in correct speech.

The most common challenges and concerns of most parents are about delayed milestones and repeated corrections. Where do you think is the gap and why? 
1. Is the hearing device programmed well?
2. Is the speech therapy part missing?
3. Does the speech therapist make efforts to bridge that gap?
4. Does she involve the parent so it can be carried forward?
5. Has the parent understood what is to be done and how to expand it more or customize it further?
6. Why do you think the child is not responding or getting it?
7. Is the parent spending enough time?
8. Is the parent saturated, demotivated, too busy, etc etc?
9.  Is the child taking advantage of the parent?
10. Are we postponing the issue or hoping one day it would be alright and not driving enough to find a solution?
11. What are we doing as a parent to help solve this issue. 
      Would love to know what parents are doing about their challenges. When I found she was struggling with concepts at school we worked st home a lot more, lot of extra work on weekends, new vocabulary, talk about different things and show around. We felt she needed extra lessons from qualified teachers to support her studies. So we moved here and found good extra classes, text books and very supportive teacher group to help her. We had meetings at school before the session started and educated the teachers about hearing loss. Can see her doing so much better now. Doesn't take much help from us for studies now. Each day is a milestone for us all. 

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