Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Its just too exciting when a mum who is desperate finds you and bombards you with questions of all kinds seeking help for her deaf child. She is unstoppable since she found me & has questions that makes me believe more in my putting up my posts up constantly. I only want the best for each deaf child. Will she take the pressures that come with it or will she leave it & give up. Will she hear what I say & take the pressure i give...wait & watch! Another deaf child's destiny is in the hand of the mother. Will she work endlessly or find an easy way out? Will she fight odds and give importance to dreams for her child's life and career or will it be her own? Many can't take the pressures. I believe in perfection and we are still working on it. Life with a deaf child is a commitment for life! Will her dreams be hers or left to destiny? Every new case comes with hope and I don't give up unless the mother does as its only the mum who has to walk this journey. I can only share my experiences and help empower. There is so much wrong advise going on and so many malpractices. Will the mother believe me or buckle under pressure from the specialists who often advise keeping in their own monetary gains.... let's hope for the best. #deafness #hearingloss #deafcanspeak #speechtherapy #AVT #hearingaids #cochlearimplants #rouchi6

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