Saturday, November 12, 2016

Prisha's audiogram

Prisha's aided and unaided audiogram done in Germany

        Many people tell me Prisha doesn't look deaf. People don't "look" deaf. they are deaf and you only know when they communicate. If they are oral aural its harder to make out if the speech is good. When I say she has hearing aids and has severe to profound deafness many ENT and audiologists don't believe it till they see her audiogram. We worked very hard to get her here. Perhaps with a CI the journey would have been easier but we are happy with our choice and don't feel the need for anything except better hearing aids every few years. She is very supportive and works hard at school, has good grades and is a favorite with her teachers for her sincerity and concentration. I guess these kids learn this art of working hard early in life.
      Here is her audiogram that we took in Germany and she wears Naida III UP for both and loves them. We tried to upgrade but she didn't like it much as it had a RRRRRRR sound when she sang songs specially when she stretched her voice. She loved the new aids for their clarity and loudness though. She has been on AVT since 1 year of age. 
       We hope to soon upgrade to Phonak Venture which I think is a great hearing aid. Just looking forward to the right opportunity and time.


  1. Nolan is getting a Phonak Link UP for his good ear, and I can't wait to see the improvement as I know that ear will be greatly helped by a new hearing aid!

    1. It's really educating ourselves by walking through each moment of your journey of CI. Thank you for keeping us all informed. I am really praying that henceforth the kid has only good things going for him. Nolan has been too brave and you can see it all over his handsome face. More power to you mum!!