Friday, March 21, 2008

Places we visit

Today with our kids in the hearing impairment classes , Mrs. Alaka Hudlikar did an interesting speech therapy class.The children were asked simple questions which are very commonly come across.Eg.-If you want to catch an aeroplane, where do you go?If you want to take a train where do you go ?And if you want to take a bus , where do you go?
Most kids could not remember the places though they knew what she was talking about.A kid put her hand in front of her mouth and hooted.Then she explained to them all about these places and told the places - airport, railway station and a bus stop.I took it up from there and asked Prisha few questions and gave her the answers.
If I want to buy vegs where do I go......Veg market{sabzi bazaar}
If I want to buy medicines , where do you go........medicine shop
For books ,pen paper etc.......stationary shop
If I want to pray......Temple
Like this one can go on endlessly.For the child it is fun to recall all the places and they are able to revise the names of these places.

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