Friday, March 21, 2008


This tuesday mrs. Alaka Hudlikar made all children stand in a row in her garden and we had a fun time.She gave them activities keeping in mind the use of the verbs and their uses with various nouns, the loud open voices to be heard of the kids, the ability of the kids to remember the verbs and their actions along with having fun.Well the kids loved it from the sit down classes for a change.
Fly like an aeroplane.......the kids had to open their arms and fly around making loud sounds-ooooooo...........
Fly like a bird
Fly like a butterfly
Clap your hands
turn around.
turn your hands round and round
walk fast and slow
wave your hands
we even told the kids to repeat what ma'am was telling them to do.well I would do at home with Prisha more things like roar like lion, bark like a dog,etc

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