Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Phone no.

Prisha had to learn her parents name ,her full name and her phone no.Today we learnt the 10 digit mobile no in about 5 minutes.It was the "eureka" moment when she was able almost rattled off the nos.I was a bit nervous and anxious about it.I think I was not trying enough and so these feelings were there.I felt stupid later to doubt her learning capability.In this effort I broke the nos into 4 parts and then said them rhythmically.She picked up the rhythm and the nos and there we had a job well done.I am teaching her the home address where she still is trying to figure it out.I need to trust her more.


  1. Congratulations to Prisha! That's important safety information to know, and a big accomplishment! Don't be afraid to aim high -- she sounds like a very smart girl who just might surprise you with how far she'll go!

  2. This is indeed a big accomplishment for Prisha! She seems to be doing well. - GLT