Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meeting with Phonak

    After an unsuccessful trial and error with Naida IX with online help from phonak people on phone last week, we have another one tomorrow where the person from Phonak is coming down to see why IX is not working out.Hope it does and we find better hearing solutions for Prisha.


  1. I hope they can figure out what the problem is! I wonder what the difference is between the IX and the III (since she can hear so well with the III)?

  2. i hope all works out well..
    one thing i know about hearing aids..always take a lot of time and immense patience to adapt to them and find the right hearign capacities.
    so longno complaints with phonak for me until the dubai trip where i struggled to hear in groups..
    it can be so frustrating for someone who is challenged.I can truly put myself in Prishas shoes when it comes to hearign aids