Monday, May 2, 2011

Latest on Phonak update

  We have been to the audiologist this Thursday and we had the appointment with the technician from Phonak to help us the issues of Naida III and Naida IX.He explained that IX has many advanced functions which are not usable by child .All the features they interfere with each other which are too advanced and she will not be able to train to its uses but the issue of low amplification still remains with IX.And he felt III should be better for her too.But then he came up with another input.Naida .It has come with Naida S III.It processes more data.And has many more features and benefits over Naida III.Since we are still in the trial period of 3 months,the technician has suggested we try the Naida S III and V to see if it helps Prisha more.We are so excited of having hear much better with the the latest from Naida S III.The indent would soon be done and request to deliver is also to be sent.We would soon hear from them.I hope we are able to pin point the trouble we still face with her hearing.Though she is hearing better but we do face problems of immense background sounds despite the sound suppression being on.We do face it many times.We were away on a holiday to Switzerland and to tulip gardens in Amsterdam and Prisha could hardly hear anything in the car while we drove and also in open places where there was excessive background sounds.We are keeping our fingers crossed for early possessing of paper work and a call soon by Mrs.Wiesle.We really appreciate all that she is doing for us to make sure our little girl hears better.

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  1. I really hope the Naida S III works better for her! Background noise can be a real problem. I can't imagine with her level of loss, because it really affects Nolan, and he is only moderately severe! Phonak sounds like a great company, though, to try and find something that will work better for her!