Thursday, May 19, 2011

Reflection of the year at school

         Today was the "Portfolio day"  at school. This was the showcase of the entire year's work done at the school.It was very tough getting used to the new system (PYP) , accents,friendships,cultures from across the world,but yes, we finally managed to complete it all. I went with a lot of mixed feeling,waiting to see her work and what to expect.I was delighted to see what I saw.I could see the huge learning graph changing over the last school year which started in August.September end we had a meeting to discuss the huge gap which seemed impossible for us to cover.The reading, writing,speaking and above all comprehension,were the most difficult tasks.What seemed more tough was trying to remember all new the new vocabulary ,new concepts and new ideas all at the same time.We were at our lowest at that moment and did not know what to expect.But looking at her entire work, made me so proud of my little girl.She worked hard slowly,trying to make her footing stronger in the world which was moving so quickly.
       Her portfolio made me realize how she has started to follow the instructions so clearly at school.She learnt the new methods and was able to stand on her own.The broken words lead to sentences and that lead to paragraphs which in in turn lead to writing her own things and drawing her own understandings and reflections.Her math too was all in place.There were these words which she read as "pije" and "shilrin", was wondering what they were and she said "picture" and "children" and she added "mom I wrote it when I did not know how to read and write".It really made me smile and feel so proud of her.These moments make you so happy and make you realize how precious they are for parents like us who have worked for years trying to get them to normal life.I asked the teacher about her moving to grade 2 and she said there was no doubt about it as her graph of learning has been very steep and she did not have any more issues with her learning.The IEP teacher, of course, aids her learning and gives her the confidence.So right now, am happy the year is coming to an end.We are getting great results,the yearly International fest is on Saturday, where I head the booth from India with good Indian food and our colorful dresses and to top it we would soon be going to India for 3 weeks.I just need to make sure we do not let Prisha slide down like last year.We need to continuously keep reading, attend speech therapy and keep in touch with learning.Good lesson learnt !!

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