Sunday, May 15, 2011

More language inputs

    These days we are helping Prisha learn the nuances of language.Earlier on we had been heping on with as much of speech, though correction is always on.But she has been mixing around with 3rd person and mixes a lot of tenses.So now thanks to her speech therapist,we are now working on correcting the grammar. We have started with present tense, pronouns and past tense.She specially needs help with 3rd person.Fortunately she loves going to the therapy classes and she is picking up quickly.We are coordinating with the speech therapist and she agrees with our method back home.She asked for more prescriptions for Prisha (6 prescriptions of 10 classes are given then 3 months of break before next 6x10 classes) and I had a word with the doctor and she said there is no limit to the number of prescriptions we could get from them.Any break in therapy would not be good for her at this point..In her request form she has mentioned some good things for Prisha.She mentioned that Prisha is very motivated to learn, concentrates well and takes corrections very well.On the down side, she needs articulation correction and correction of grammar and does mix up a few consonants. But we all are working hard.Her class teacher is happy with her progress and does not feel the need to to really specify any problem areas.Life does seem a bit at calm but we do have rush rush of school, therapy 2 times a week after school and 2 after school activity 2 times a week.She does get tired,but the spirited girl that she is , gives us maximum support.Reading too is on.these days she is also writing stories.The therapist gives us some pictures which she needs to put in a sequence and then write the story it tells.Most of these stories are comic and she does need help on developing funny language and noticing the expressions in the pictures.Work hard!!!


  1. Prisha is such a hard worker! Nolan is younger, but we notice some language issues, too. They are minor, but we still work on them - he has problems with the first person (he will say, "Nolan wants play outside" instead of "I want to play outside"). He is still in therapy, thank goodness - though we work with him at home, too. I love that she is writing stories! She is such a clever girl - it helps when there is so much work to do!

  2. Hey thanks for the compliments.And the language issues have to be sorted out just by practice and correction.we mums are so motivated when these little guys give us their attention.For us the issue becomes difficult as English is not our native language but we use it like the main language at home.But yes, we all are working towards the only thing that matters, oralism!