Sunday, May 29, 2011

Friends and play

Eating and singing together with Rosella

Teddy eats too !

Painted some flowers together

I love you !

Trying her hand at Cricket
     Yesterday we were at friends place in Bonn and Prisha came across new people and they were all ex-pats.I was keen to see how she interacts with them as they too have different accents .They have been living here last 5-6 yrs and since they were from India, they spoke in their language and also similar accents back home.She did well for herself I must say.
     She enjoyed the game of cricket,computer games and cellphone games and others stuff.I was happy to hear her copy their accent.It shows that she is getting comfortable and is getting used to the local atmosphere.Her confidence is growing in her ability to be able to converse with people from other countries.  She ran around and had so much fun. I wish we had more kids in our neighborhood so she could have fun and get more conversation appropriate for her and learn new sports with them.Our neighbors are mostly old. So this Friday, I did call her Korean friend home and they did have a lot of fun eating Indian snacks and painting.I asked her Friend from Korea, why she liked Prisha so much .And she said Prisha loved her a lot, they love to play together and that she was very kind.I am glad she has someone in school with who Prisha plays a lot and she is helping Prisha gain confidence in her ability to take more risks in the play area.Prisha is actually now more comfortable climbing up and down the monkey bars and takes her turns and learning to wait too.She is learning to coordinate in a group much better.Socially too,I am seeing a change in her.I am so happy to see this positive change and learning to respect others. She does get upset when some don't give the respect back and I am helping her deal with those situations too.
     Her speech therapist is looking forward to my getting her grammar books from India.I would be back and be here all summer,working on her speech,language,grammar and Math.She wants to see how much we do back in India in grammar,which is a lot.So right now just packing up for our trip to India,while Prisha still has her plans to move to


  1. Those little girls are just too sweet. It is so nice when kids make good friends - it is wonderful that Prisha has someone to confide in! Nolan is too young for a close friend yet, but I can't wait for him to have a best buddy. I love the cricket picture - we don't have that game in the US (at least, it is not played very often here).

  2. Its a beautiful bond when they learn to have friends.You would see the happiness in them once they have that one special friend.But time flies Leah, he would have one soon, before you realize.And yes, cricket is religion in India,every kids plays it.You would have cricket clubs in all places, we have one here too.Just google to find out,your boys might just like to see it.