Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A dedication to 2 special women

    Deepak is a friend who helped me open my blog and gave me the platform to write about my journey.Its been over 4 years now and I am so glad that we have documented all of it.he is much involved in theatre and has now moved to writing songs.He has penned down my feelings in this song, there is no music to it , maybe someday,yet the words are beautiful.I am sharing it on the blog and also sharing the link to his website.

A dedication to 2 very special women in my lives, who have changed my life forever.Love you Alaka ma'am and dear Prisha!

World of silence, what they said
Hated the voices in my head
“Why she?” was what I was screaming
As the tears threatened their streaming

Then a voice,
So gentle
And with care
Told me there
“She is not doomed
“To silence”

Alka Hudlikar her name
Gentle woman, not for fame
She taught my daughter how
To speak out
Hear the sounds
And not freak out
And the words
My Prisha now could hear
Brought her near
Oh no, no more
No silence

Now my Prisha laughs and plays
And she fills up all my days
To hear her laugh and to converse
See the happiness
That now is hers
And to think,
No more,
No silence

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  1. beautiful n inspiring.share the same n hope to continue to give morew meaning to my daughtres life.