Sunday, May 8, 2011

Explaining "jealousy"

Prisha's depiction of "Jealousy" in her heart
    Tonight I read a book about 2 friends who are best friends.In the book some where one gets jealous of the other and they both end up in a fight.So I thought I would discuss the feeling "jealousy".It is difficult to explain but the best way to do was to ask her a simple question which got sibling rivalry in good use.I asked her how she felt when her dad (they both adoooore their jealous) loved her brother.She said " am angry".
I asked her "how do you feel, explain, what do you feel in your heart." She pointed to her heart and made a pounding gesture and said her heart does that.And then she said "Every time dad takes Rishabh to see the car wash and not me.Inside my heart my eyes become big and my lips become curved and face is green".We found it so funny and had a good laugh.Now this word and feeling "jealous" is etched for ever in her mind.

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  1. What a great way to explain the concept. I love her drawing of jealousy! They say envy is the green-eyed monster, so jealousy must also be green!