Friday, May 27, 2011


    Prisha just learnt that Americans ,unlike Indians and Germans, speak only English.Everybody speaks only one language. She was so excited and with the twinkle in the eye she said, "lets go to America .Everybody speaks only English there ." ! I really laughed at her expression. I guess she is having quite a tough time having Germans, Japanese,Koreans and Italians as her class mates.As of now she has decided that after her trip to India next month, she is moving to America
    Love these impromptu one liners from kids.Makes life seem simple and so light. Keep waiting for more !


  1. No she would not want to live here. Deaf people's writing get heavily criticized over their precious language here. Even for an oral deaf. They just get told " keep reading and writing!" Even at the age 30 (yes it happened to me)

    It make difficult to find jobs (beside the fact we are require to use the telephone for EVERTHING)

  2. Dearest Prisha, you should come and visit us and see Niagara Falls! Kids are too funny - many children here speak more than one language, though it is true that most Americans only speak English.

    She is such a sweetheart - I love the pictures from the International School Day! It is so beautiful to have so many cultures under one roof - what a remarkable school.

  3. I love it! Yes, most of us only speak English -- it's really embarrassing, actually. We learn a little French or Spanish in high school, but almost everybody forgets it. But most cities have large immigrant populations that are multi-lingual, so if you walk around, you can get plenty of variety.

  4. Hi Anonymous, That is quite a revelation! Fortunately,she can speak and understand things on the phone without even the speaker,That is a good thing.But yes,am sure there are all kinds of people too.
    HI Leah, Thanks so much for the lovely comment.Yes ,we would love to meet you guys.It would be nice to meet your lovely little fellows. The school fest was really great, we had fun.

  5. Hi Julia,
    Coming from India,where there are so may languages,we are sort of used to asking everybody what language they speak at home.So for Prisha it was very amazing.These days people move all over,so the boundaries are extending which is great.But makes life easier for kids like ours if there is one language spoken at all places.English in India too is more popular and preferred as most people want kids to be global.English too is a preferred language though Hindi is our National language.