Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The big boil

We went to our pediatrician who had a look at the boil that was at the base of the neck .It looked bad. From the size of a shallot before it reduced to 1/3 rd its size after the anti biotics.He advised me to get her admitted into the hospital so that the surgeon could scoop out the rest. The whole conversation was not very child or parent friendly.With such a dispassionate view of the whole thing made me wonder if it was to make some money and not really considerate towards us. I was breaking down. How could I See my princess go through this 24 hr or so ordeal.We thought of a second opinion. A surgeon , who we have visited earlier,lived close by and we decided to show it to him.He told us it was not such a big deal.He too Prisha inside who was howling and said he would take out the abscess without the anesthesia. I heard her yelling for me from the OT.I was howling away, closing my ears to shut out her shrieks.10 minutes later , she was out sweating and full of tears.I hugged her tight. While she sat out with her granny, the surgeon told me there was no abcess left as it had drained out in sleep a few days back. Little cavity needed to be closed but that too did not need stitching. A regular dressing for a week with antibiotics, a topical ointment to be applied in her nose and other small boils would take care of the problem.The bacteria in the nose had reached into the ears and started to come out as boils in the ear and later the infection got bigger and the bacteria had attracted her more vulnerable areas that is her head and neck and have erupted into boils. I now have to be careful about her ears being dry and no cold , so that this does not occur again.There should not be any long term cold .a tough lesson learnt.But she is a tough girl.

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  1. Oh, how painful! I'm so sorry she had to go through that. We have a product called a Dry & Store that disinfects and dries out Ben's hearing aid during the night, preventing the build-up of bacteria. It has an ultraviolet light that shines for the first 8 minutes after you turn it on, and that kills off bacteria. (It's better than just a dessicant jar.) If you don't have one, I recommend it. You can buy it online if you can't find it there. Also, we clean his ear mould with alcohol every night.