Sunday, March 15, 2009

Swimmer's ear

Last 1 1/2 months have gone since prisha had her ear infection.She had little boils in her left ear canal and has been braving the pain since then.I have given her 3 rounds of antibiotics and applied ointment and it kept coming back.A few days it really got worse as a huge boil appeared outside the canal. It was full of abscess.My heart just reached out to her as when I peeped into her ear she screamed in pain. There was another big boil inside.I panicked and went to my homeopath. He gave me medicines for 3 days. The abscess formation is too much.He asked me to avoid applying anything in the canal.I felt that the antibiotics only healed from outside. The root cause was inside and homeopathy heels from within.I decided to be patient once more and have been regularly going to the clinic. I cleaned it with ear buds carefully 3 times a day and applied an anti fungal, antibacterial cream- cloben G. Yesterday I was very hassled as the ear buds were soaked in thick yellow mucus each time.The doctor changed the medicines for her and today she is better.The ear bud pulled out a bit of fluid and a little bit of dry abscess to my relief.The pain behind the ear was absent and the little covering on the ear canal was a bit less painful.She has developed a lot of prickly heat on her body and has 2 big boils on her neck, 1 on the forehead and a lot of prickly heat on her body and arms. her left toes are red and swollen and has a bit of itch on the palms too.Looking forward to seeing the doctor again tomorrow.
I did a lot of research on the net[Thank God we live in these times...]. It is the swimmer's ear that is bothering us. She had a cold early this ear and maybe the ear was wet, plus the middle ear too must have got a bit of fluid due to the cold, and to top it the mould that are worn nearly for 13 hours without a break must have been a haven for the bacteria to develop.Prisha has been extremely brave and patient to deal with all the pain.I am hoping that the infection goes away soooon.
I am going to be careful in future. I need to wash the mould with soapy solution and anti bacterial wash once a week, keep the aid in the de- humidifier along with the aid often.The mould should be wiped with spirit everyday , apply a bit of anti bacterial cream to avoid any infection and redness. Air the ear 2-3 times a day by just removing the aid for 30 seconds.Wipe dry the ear after a bath and shower, after a shampoo specially- ideally use a blow drier from the distance of 18 inches at cool into the ear so that the canal is totally dry.I hope that she gets over this fast now.

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  1. Oh, goodness! We have had a lot of ear infections this year, but nothing compared to abcesses and boils! It can be so hard, because the earmolds can trap moisture in the ear. But they need their hearing aids to hear!

    We try to keep Nolan's ears as dry as possible, but summer is coming and I know we might have problems with this in the heat and humidity. We did buy a Global Dry and Store for his hearing aids (it uses a UV light to kill bacteria on the earmolds). It was kind of expensive at $120, but if it helps dry out and sanitize his earmolds, I guess it is worth it!