Sunday, March 29, 2009

The feedback from the skin specialist

The 6 long days of medication were over and it was now time to see the skin specialist as the surgeon suggested.He is a well known doctor and we reached the nursing home. The wait was quite agonising as Prisha was crying reliving her pain of the cut she had got last week. I kept trying to pep her up and she kept her tiny hand in my hand trying to negotiate the time the doctor would take.
Our turn came and I too had started to feel the fear that Prisha passed to me. Sitting there made me feel fearful of the pain one goes through of various hurts on the body. The doctor was pleasant and put us at ease.He looked at the boils and told us that it was a bacterial infection caused due to clogging of the sweat pores. I was relieved when he told me that he needed to give her antibiotics for 4 more days. I was a bit hassled up also as her big boil looked a bit inflamed in the morning today. My fear was that he shouldn't want to open it again. He has given an ointment that is not oily , and to increase her resistance and build up immunity, was prescribed her vit C and multi vitamin for a month. She needs to be bathed twice a day with a medicated soap to make sure there is no sweat remains. I need to make sure that all this is followed all summer as the temperature is already soaring and she does sweat a lot. So summers are going to be a bit of a test. I am still refraining from putting aid in the left ear . I think I am still not ready to take that risk as we have been through very tough times because of this. She is also doing well with just with one hearing aid. She responds when I call from the other room and takes all the corrections from far also.

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