Saturday, March 21, 2009

They haven't gone

The boils became worse.One at the nape of the neck is now the size of a toffee.I had to rush to a pediatrician , who has advised me to start anti biotic and if does not go with that, he will consider puncturing it to remove the abscess.I am dreading it.Honestly she is very brave , but this is going to be painful.I can't see her going through this.The boil in the ear too has dried up and other small boils on her head too have gone. Monday will decide the future of the boil.
My little girl is growing up.She now wants clothes that show off her naval! Wants to do make up and really pose in front of the camera.I have to guide her a bit and all done through speech and she gives me the perfect picture.
as for my youtube, Ma'am suddenly said she does not want to be clicked anymore. I was really hoping to be able to spread the knowledge about this field .Hope to coax her. Hope it does not take 1 and half years like before.
I have been doing a bit of expanding her vocab specially on action words. I am trying to sit and do a few everyday and then I use them in full sentences.I wrote them on a sheet of paper , so that they are in my view and I can use them in different context.That way she can find more ways of expressing her thoughts.She has been playing teacher.The confidence is so high.I love the full voice that she uses, her intonation is a copy of her teacher.Clarity is coming too.Luckily people around say that they have no problem understanding her.She is graduating to the next class and hopefully she would be at par with other kids.

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  1. Sweet, brave girl! I certainly hope the antibiotics take care of the abcesses. It is so hard to see our little ones go through any sort of pain. Plus, when they don't feel well you lose valuable listening/speech time.