Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Trial of Niada S UP V

Prisha's list of complaints for her new hearing aids !!
       Since we were still hung on more clarity with Prisha's hearing aids, Geers called the Phonak people and they suggested we try the new range of the Naida S series.It is more advanced and so we decided to go ahead and try them.We put them on and Prisha was very happy as they were clearer and she tested for an audiogram and we realized her readings were 10% better. We got them home and she was very hassled as she found she had many issues.
1. She found them softer- as it has more channels,16 nos, the sounds are softer and she was straining to hear. A big let down.
2. She found some whoom sounds- guess it was the zoom working,was very uncomfortable with those sounds.
3. She could not hear too well when someone called her from behind- we cannot ignore the sounds coming from behind,danger could be anywhere.
4. She found too many confusing sounds as if many spoke at the same time around her- the zoom was confused probably.
    After wearing it for 5 hours that evening, she just refused to have them on the next day.So we are now waiting for an appointment to see if the zooms can be switched off, made some more adjustments or maybe use Naida S UP III which has fewer channels giving more sharpness where she is able to differentiate the sounds better.  Sometimes you feel so helpless when you are ready to give the best technology to your child , but it does not work for them.

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  1. Oh, how frustrating! It seems that sometimes things work out well in the testing booth, but then have trouble in the real world. ALl the background noise and directionality of sound must be troublesome with the new aids - I hope she can have them adjusted (or find something else that works) soon!