Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No stones !!

     About 2 years ago Prisha had suffered from UTI and kidney stones and since then we had been very careful about her drinking a lot of water.Thanks to her homeopathic medicines and our being careful, they got dissolved and she was stone free last year.This year she complained of pain on the left side of her abdomen and it stressed me out.Took the appointment and we were at the doctor this morning.The assistant told me she did not need to have the bladder full which was surprising, so we went with just a cupful of milk in her tummy. The test showed stone free kidneys !! I was so thrilled when he said that there was some fold in her bladder which he needed to investigate. I was so taken aback as till now we have never had this in any ultra sounds in India.He asked to fill in with water and come back for another.That one hour was the most difficult for me.I just bought her some water and cheese bun and tried to look so calm.The year 2009 came flooding back when fever diagnosis led us to UTI and investigation for that led us to kidney stones.And now investigation for stones leading to what??
    Just paced the playground for an hour and went it to get her checked again.And trying to hold on to my nerves and smile looked at the monitor.The bladder looked nice and full and.......absolutely in good shape!!Relief was written all over my face.It was probably a fold of the empty bladder.Came back home happy and drained out from the strain.Now next ultra sound next year ! Till then good health to Prisha and peace of mind to us.
    Meanwhile I am looking forward to our appointment with the audiologist this 9th.We are going to try out the next generation model of hearing aids from Phonak.Hoping it would do wonders to her hearing and give us even better results than Naida III.Keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. What a good (then stressful) day! Good news for no stones, but the "surprise" finding of a fold must have been so scary. Thank goodness all is well and you can relax from that for another year. I always dread taking Nolan in for some new test, because of what else they might find!

    Good luck with the audiologist appointment on the 9th. I have only heard good things about Phonak!

  2. all the best for the 9th and stay stress free :)
    lots of love