Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First day of the new academic year

Waiting for the kids to come in we go

Love you school mascot !!

Lining up!!

Bye mommy!!
       After 9 weeks of summer break which was full of activity at home....reading, writing, picture reading,blogging and math too, to keep in touch with the academics and avoid any regression like the last year ;schools re-opened today. We rushed up excited and a bit too nervous wondering who the new teacher would be, how Prisha would adjust and what to expect from the school.
      Well , we got into the line,following the flag for her grade and I went up to introduce myself to new teacher. A bit nervous myself, I smiled and she just took over from there.She was the assistant teacher and Mrs. R , after the introductions ,said she was aware of Prisha's needs and she had been given the best place for so that she could hear the teacher well, her special needs educator too was fixed and so she would be coming in to help Prisha. She was absolutely reassuring about the support they would extend to me and that we could be in touch through mails and any problems we faced would be sorted out mutually. The warmth and reassuring voice put me at ease and the whole night of tossing and turning that had led me stiff, completely eased my mind and body. I was so thankful as unlike last year this year the school is fully prepared to handle the situation well. Prisha went in to her class holding her teacher and I came home and relaxed a bit....a bit of me still was worried about her actual day at school.
      In the afternoon , I went in to get her back home, the teacher Mrs. O'B smiled and said all went well and no complaints. Now to my girl...she walked in and I looked at her with motherly concerns.She smiled and said shyly that she had a good day. She said she loved her teacher and that the assistent teacher was the one who helped her at school when she broke her tooth. On the way home she did complain that she had no friends as some just walked away with theirs and her best friend was stolen by another smart cookie.She was very miserable.Apart from that she told me about her day at school was good, she sang out a lovely song for me which was part of a game they played.I was happy she had picked it very well, I just had to correct a couple of words here and there.She is looking forward to going to school tomorrow.I will try and see if Prisha can get her friend to move into her grade as she is in another grade.Rosella and Prisha are both upset. I hope the year moves smoothly and we have a great year of learning which catapults her to another level. Crossing my fingers on that one!!


  1. Hi Ruchi

    Can you suggest me some of good audiologist and SLP in Kolkata

    I feel My daughter is not getting beniffed from the current SLP sessions and i want to chnage and go for the best avaialable

    Pls suggest if you have any contact


  2. I am sorry, I wouldn't know anyone. Good speech therapist are so difficult to find.After Alaka ma'am I find no one good enough !!