Thursday, August 25, 2011

Update on school front

         Prisha is already into 2 weeks of school,how time flies and the week is over so quickly. She has been giving me regular feedback like a parrot without missing any details from one period to the next. Gives a sense of happiness to see her start the year with happiness.This year,we have done a lot from home,school too is well prepared with all the plans lined up for her and we hope she would move from "modified expectation" this year to grade level performance.
         From what I hear from her, she has been given a lot of "good job", neat work,smilies and "that was fast" etc a lot.It makes me happy but I wanted to hear from the teachers too. I soon heard that Prisha has surprised them a lot and they feel they see a huge steep graph in understanding and learning since the last session at school. It made us very humbly happy.This morning Mrs.K, her special educator, who comes to class everyday for an hour, told me that she was extremely happy with Prisha's write up on the week end news.She said she describes it very very well and she was very happy to see her write neatly too. It gave a lot of satisfaction to me. Prisha has even a 5th grader come and read with her now and then.So am looking forward to a meeting to get an update on what her new teacher has to tell me about Prisha after about a month or so.Till that time, work on her is on.
       She also wants to do more dancing, so ballet is sure as an after school activity,we will try for hip-hop too.And she loves Mr. Owen, her story teller in reading time after school activity,so hopefully that too would be on. We may cut down speech therapy outside school from 1 hr 45 mins a week to one hour as we waste a lot of time in travel. Our efforts are on.


  1. Here's to a great school year! I hope she moves to grade level performance, too - she is such a hard worker! I bet she will love hip-hop dancing - sometimes I wish I had a girl to do the ballet classes! Oh, well - I suppose ice hockey is just as fun (though certainly full of boys)! LOL.

  2. Thanks Leah, We are looking at a great year and yes, its really nice to have a little girl at home. Hope Nolan is eating well.