Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why reading is so essential

     Lovely article on why reading is so essential for the deaf.We have made reading a very essential part of our 7 year old too.Last 1 month,since our return from India,the entire vacation we have been concentrating on reading, grammar and books and games which help boost vocabulary. Must read and make it part of these kids.

Now my list of why I found reading so good for Prisha-
-Increases her interest in whats really happening ,more exposure to experiences which sometimes are difficult to have.
-Increase in vocabulary,improves grammar and definitely her spellings.
-Helps her to realize where she makes mistakes in her words while speaking.With limitations of hearing aids,she says only half the word for some,she is surprised at the way its spelt when she reads them! Eg-Brea_ for bread."D" is silent for her unless emphasized.With practice she has learnt to say the whole word.Love to see her expression that time.
-Gives me an opportunity to improve her diction.
-Helps me in sequencing when she relates the story to me in her words,which improves memory.
-Gives her "time-off" from us constantly correcting and listening to us which can be so tiring.
-Gives her more ideas and expands her thinking.
-Gives her concepts and ideas while talking....she will suddenly remember an incident from a story while we are at something.More memories.
-Helps her to integrate with other kids,exchanging books,picking up books at the library,discussion with other kids about ideas,games etc.
-If there is no company when we are out, what better than a book ?
-Gives me sometime off too,so that I can do what I like while she is at it.
-Gives her creative thoughts,and it helps her in her drawing which she loves.

   Am glad to get my list of "goods" of reading, inspires me to read more !!


  1. Reading is such a necessity for kids with hearing loss! Nolan is only moderately severe, but we still find him missing some vocabulary words that he doesn't "pick up" incidentally - those books can really fill in some gaps! Also, he learns to sit and attend to a listening task for a long period of time - an important skill since he will start school this year. We are trying to move Nolan up from very simple books to more complicated picture books (he doesn't retain the meaning of longer stories very well yet at the age of almost-four). I hope that all the reading at home will make listening in the classroom easier!

  2. Yes Leah.We had such a tough time filling up these gaps due to her huge loss and also due to bad amplification.But we are trying so hard to keep filling her up. Listening is such an important part of the hearing and soon Nolan would pick up and retain long stories too.