Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Circus Time

     Back here in Germany, focus for the next 6 weeks of holidays here is to make her more confident with language and experiences. So to do that our job is to find things to make herself interested in picking up as much grammar,vocabulary,new words and more exposure to various things available here.We have friends who lent us books, puzzles and we have bought her UNO,scrabble and cards to play with. She got some grammar books and math work books too from her aunt and she loves filling them up.Some she is confident with and so helps her to feel she knows and so enjoys the reinforcement and also new grammar lessons to aid her growth in the language.Some days it frustrates me to see her forgetting the things she has learnt. But then, its a process I have to carry on with ,slow steady and with patience,after all a tough path one chooses is not easy to walk on.
    So this week end we took her to see the circus which was in our town.I remember seeing it as a kid and just loved it.She has never seen it and it was something I was sure she would enjoy.So to start at home, I showed her some videos on the net (big help !!),gave her all the new words she would come across.We made a little talk about this new experience.
    I started with taking tickets and then made her aware of the things around her in the tent. I put her on my lap so that she could hear more clearly as the music and the anchor's voice on the microphone was too loud for her and interfered with her listening. She squealed with joy at the pony and the horse running and doing tricks,loved the acrobats, jugglers ,the lovely looking lady on the rope, who walked effortlessly on it. She was so upset when the show came to and end.We then rushed out and clicked some pictures of the animals,she really wanted to take the little pony home.
     Back home, she wrote down her experience in her little diary and new words like entertainment,performer,acrobats,gymnasts,jugglers,arena,etc. She is very thrilled about the circus and we soon have to take her to one more. For now she is happy learning new words and playing scrabble.


  1. The circus sounds like a lot of fun! The acrobats are amazing - I bet the experiences help expose her to a lot of new language, too! I hope you have a great holiday - I love the summer time the most. All the freedom and warm weather is just wonderful!

  2. Thanks Leah, yes, we did have a great holiday.But I do not think you would like Indian summer,its just too hot with about 38-40 deg C !!Prisha was glad to be back here.But yes, I think I love the monsoon when it just rains and everything is green after a long spell of summer.And yes, we did enjoy her watching circus and now are working on remembering the new words.