Sunday, July 3, 2011

My visit to meet my mentor

My guiding light
THE COUPLE, who have seen me through.Love you both!

Seema, who helped me in the initial years 

Happy students

I miss these sessions
Happy to see each other
       One of the most exciting part of my 3 week trip to India was the visit to Pune to meet my dear teacher and mentor, Mrs.Hudlikar. She had planned to spend the whole afternoon with me and so I was prepared and had kept my entire afternoon for her.Her husband was kind to leave us both alone to catch up on the last 6 months, though I do have long phone calls each Sunday without a fail.
      We lunched together at the club on her favorite Chinese food.We chatted and she heard my entire journey, struggle and personal issues  I faced when I used to come to her classes.She was surprised at my struggle and said that she was surprised with all that I was not a disturbed or depressed mother.Was always happy and motivated.Am glad I told her my past problems as she always had thought I was one of those frivolousness mothers who came from reasonable affluent background and was unnecessarily hassled with little things.I needed to tell her about the tough life that I led in Pune for 6 yrs.
     We then lay down in her room and it was the most beautiful time I spent with her, talking about her life and I feel so privileged to have shared it. It felt so warm and loving and I can never forget the time we spent talking ,sharing stories from our lives.We had the evening tea, she cooked a special bean and showed me the recipe and then it was time for the evening class.I was lucky that it was the very day I use to attend classes with the same people.We all hugged and talked about old times.I attended the class and we clicked pictures too.
     Soon it was time to depart.Ma'am and I have become so close that we both shed tears silently.It was very hard to leave and I am so blessed to have so much love from her. The wishes of "come soon", "go home safe" and "love yous" were so heart warming.It was one of the most beautiful and loving memories to cherish for life.Thank God for all this love.

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