Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baking vocabulary

Loving sister and brother

Picture perfect

Perfect team an smiles

Bite my cake
     Yesterday my turned 15 and Prisha was very thrilled.She wanted to secretly bake a cake for him and give him a surprise.And its almost impossible for one to do that without my son knowing it.So in various ways I asked him what cake he would like and then told him to stay away and pretend he would not understand what we were doing in the kitchen. Prisha looked pretty hassled each time he entered the kitchen specially when we put it to bake. So she decided, she would tell him that we were making a pizza in the oven for lunch ! And my son did keep up the full suspense.
    While baking, I used all the vocabulary that was associated with baking a cake.She helped me measure, the gadgets that were needed to bake one,the process and the result. So learnt some new and reinforced some. Words like measure,beat, bake,mixer,whip,batter,temperature,baking tin,dusting,greasing the pan,baking powder,baker,bakery etc all were used.She did remember many but did need to be asked to speak a few a number of times.
     When the cake was ready, the big issue was next where to hide it and so, she hid it behind some spoon stands to cool, so he could not see it  "wink". It was most hilarious and endearing to see her excitement. My son is a bit more serious and mature and so could take all this in his stride and played along.
     In the evening, she realized we for got the candles and so she got some that was at home and she while she arranged it on the table, she shut him in his room ! And then with an eager and excited face she pulled him and gave him the "big surprise" ! The guy was really touched at the same time to see his sister's love.They hugged and kissed while I looked on. We cut the cake and she sang the perfect birthday song for him. In all a very nice and fun day with learning and in this process I too ended up innovating a new recipe -plum and berry egg-less cake !


  1. What a sweet girl! And what a wonderful big brother - I am sure this made a great day for both of them. How do you make an egg-less cake? That seems rather interesting - the plum and berry recipe sounds good!

  2. Thanks you, yes we did have a great day. Well I do have a food blog too.Can see it on the top corner of this blog and is called Kitchen N'counters.The recipe for an egg-less cake is there.It was a wonderful cake and I am glad the kids liked it.Do try and let me know. :)

  3. How lovely! the idea of a surprise for her brother.And the wonderful way of teaching her through practical experience/hands on..Beleive me she willnever forget this baking/learning experience.
    hugs for all of you