Monday, July 4, 2011

Some more inspirational and success stories

      It was most inspiring to hear some success stories from Mrs.Hudlikar.2 of her students passed out their class 10 in normal category with no exception for them from school ! The noticeable thing in the interview given to the press was that the girls spoke about their feelings ,aspirations and excitement on their own.Parents did not  prompt them. That shows that have "the language for living" ! No lip reading,no signs only speech through listening !We are proud of you and of course one more star in Mrs.Alaka Hudlikar's cap!All the best for their future.
Making their parents so proud and giving hope to others.

This is the success story of Priya Kshirsagar. Her mother was the one who lead us to Mrs.Hudlikar. Priya is now running her business of baking from home.She has her regular clients and deals with clients and suppliers by herself. She does her shopping, accounting,selling and dealing with clients herself.This again shows that she is fully integrated into normal life as she has "the language for loving" not just book knowledge.proud of you Priya ,all the best !

Such stories give hope to us parents that our kids too would make success out of their lives.For me too its very important that Prisha acquires that "language for living" where just studying for exam and writing down for good marks is not so important. That she is able to fully communicate with people around all by herself ,is the key step.Look forward to such more success stories from Mrs.Hudlikar.


  1. What a wonderful trip back to India to see Mrs. Hudlikar and to hear of the successes - kids can really be very successful with an auditory/verbal approach! I love those stories - and I can't wait to see Prisha in one (in several years, of course)! It is good that the successes are making the news, so that other parents will know what is possible with modern hearing technology and the right therapy!

  2. Its grt to hear such inspirtational stories and gives hope to parents like us who have children with special needs....Mrs Hudlikar has come as an angel in Prisha n your life....

  3. Hey Rouchi,

    Delighted to come across ur blog while searching for speech therapy site.

    Ur blog is not story but gives belief, convinction, hopes and inspiration.

    Wud put it this way that u r mom every child want...hw inspiring !!

  4. Thanks Leah, I am really hoping too that she gets all the success and all this hard work pays off.You really motivate me with your encouraging mails.

  5. Hey Swapnl, Thanks so much for this mail. Inspires and motivates me when people write in such lovely comments.