Friday, March 18, 2016

A new case but same story

 thinks life is perfect there.  Easy to get help if faced with issues with health. But wait a minute... This is my 2nd case from there should it's the same old story. Mother desperately reaches out after realizing get child is deaf and is NOT  happy with the diagnosis and feedback from ENT and audiologist. They say that 1. Hearing aids won't work
2. Loss too high 
3. Put hearing aids just for practice
4. Let some sound go in for practice
5. Speech therapy works only after cochlear implants
6. Hearing aids are under programmed. 
7. The parents are given all the scary stories. Told how the child will never talk. 
     I have got kids tested again with audiologists where we are sure of their intentions and realized that even the testing done was wrong. For them it doesn't matter what the levels are....the residual hearing whatever is there... Shall just go wasted. They will kill those hair cells and implant the child for the money that is 10 times more and the after cost is higher too. It's an expense every month and speech therapy is given like as if it's a favor. It's really sad !!
   Today a mother calls from UK. Miserable and desperate. She saw the links on Facebook and reached out with hope. I explained it all in detail. In 30 mins of our conversation .. The mother felt relieved and had hope. She too dreaded a surgery like me!! I don't blame her. It's a one way street. At the end of it she asks me ... How much money can I transfer. I quietly tell's my contribution to society and I don't charge. Stunned silence on both ends. But the mother is assured that she is in safe hands. I only wish more kids could be saved from this crazy drive of cochlear implants. They don't follow rules but are just implanting kids for their personal gain. 
    My resources came across another lady who has been to the leading AVT specialist in Mumbai. She has treated her so badly that the mother left with her child and started doing her own thing. Today her child talks. She was 15 mins late to the clinic and she was driven out. The services are given as if it's a favor they do. Damnit... They are charging the sky for something that's so wrong coz people like us don't talk about what's possible. The mother had awful things to say about the audiologist. My own experience with Mandke services in Pune was pathetic. She used every bit of her ill will to treat us wrong. I never gave in and managed to put up a fight and against odds made Prisha talk. There is a whole nexus between the leading ENT specialist in Mumbai , the audiologist and AVT specialist in Pune and Mumbai. They work like a well oiled machine and misuse their skills and implant kids when many of them don't need it. Otherwise how do you explain that every child who goes to them is implanted? Not one has hearing aids! Time to think and act against them. Hoping to save more kids through my little contribution. I have nothing to gain except smiles of some very tearful mums !!!! That itself is my biggest reward. 


  1. Tha smiles,heartfelt relief and hope you give to these families is your reward , dear Ruchi. And you are getting there slowly and steadily . Thank you ��

  2. You are always so kind. ❤️

  3. It is very difficult for parents whose kids have been recently diagnosed with deafness to even imagine that someone who is supposedly the best AVT specialist in the country and the only one certified ,would program the heairng aids of their innocent kids wrongly so as to coax them to go in for an implant ..Having experienced it personally where the hearing aids of my daughter were incorrectly programmed Coz of which the aided audiogram was worse than her unaided n thus being told that nothing except an implant would work has made me realise how terrible some people can really be ,taking undue advantage of helpless and devastated parents whose kids cannot hear !I can't wait for the day my daughter speaks perfectly just like any other child and then help educate the parents on how mean and harmful the advise of such individuals who we trust with all r heart can be n
    how we really need to work towards putting an end to this money making racket !!!!