Monday, March 21, 2016


Most audiologist in India do not give the whole kit when we buy hearing aids. The kit should have a box of dehumidifier to keep the hearing aids dry and devoid of moisture. Since it's a machine and close to the ear and hair, chances of sweat and moisture going in is high. That could affect the proper functioning of hearing aids. Non of the audiologists tell you this in India. Reason being simple ... 1. They don't want your hearing aids to last long, that's how they can sell more. 
2. They sell these separately and make money. 
     I got my first set fortunately from Mandke and a year later when we had to change aids as she prescribed us wrong ones earlier she didn't not give the whole kit. But since then we have been keeping it inside each night. Just open the battery compartment and keep in the box. Do not put the batteries inside this box as that would dry up the batteries. That way it dries up every bit of the hearing aid. Next morning just take them out and clean and use. 
      Once in few months check the crystals if they look grey, put them into the microwave for 30 secs to dry them up and they get refreshed again.
      This is very important for a long life of hearing aids. If the audiologist doesn't give you , please ask them as they are part of the starter kit. 
       A tip for all those who don't have access to these.... A make at home , DIY  kind of tip for them. Take a clean box and put in silica gel sacks that you get in shoes, bags, purses etc. these shall work just fine. But don't spare your audiologist for not giving what you should have. 

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